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Wireless Setup

Setup and configuration of a wireless system can be difficult, time-consuming and (to be honest) tear-your-hair-out frustrating. Because wireless signals can be blocked and intercepted it is essential that your wireless network is setup correctly.

Incorrect configuration can lead to bad signal reception, disconnections, loss of data, and in some situations (see Wireless Woes below) can lead to data theft. Our technicians are expert at ensuring your wireless system is safe, secure and stable.

In some circumstances it may even be possible that a technician will ask if its even necessary! We have found many customers that have setup wireless networks where they a) don’t need them and b) where a simple cabled connection can give them a better connection and peace of mind; we always keep an open mind when it comes to solutions.

Wireless Woes…

Do you have a Wireless network?

Did you know most home wireless networks are NOT secure?

“But I have a firewall so I’m safe aren’t I?”

Having a firewall will normally stop unauthorised access to your network or PC from somewhere else on the internet. However, having a badly configured wireless network means somebody may already be ON YOUR NETWORK, without even having to come past the firewall.

Below is an example diagram of how this is possible; a network signal extends beyond the house walls into the street and somebody in a car with a laptop and wireless card is able to access any shared information and surf the web using your system:

There IS Good News However…

Your access point has a lock. Your wireless network devices have a key. Setting up both so that they match enables your access but stops others without the key accessing your system. Adding password protection to your shared network devices helps even more.
Protechniq is dedicating itself to helping the home user ensure their network, their pcs and their data stays safe & private. Call us today so we can help YOU.

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