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So many choices, so little time… Protechniq can help you determine the best type of PC to fit your needs and budget, and provide the best sources for acquiring it. We can even procure or build the system for you if appropriate (as in the case of Custom/High-performance PCs and Servers). When the system is ready, Protechniq can install and configure the PC, and connect it to your network and/or Internet access.


PCs connect to ALL sorts of devices… We’ve seen them all; printers, scanners, digital cameras and webcams. We’ve dealt with wireless keyboards and mice, external hard drives, cd and dvd rom drives, tape backup systems and every ipod, ipad, iphone and smartphone you can think of.

If you can think of a peripheral – whether it connects through USB, PS/2, SCSI, ATAPI, Serial or Parallel we’ve probably seen it if not played with it and made it sit up and beg.

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