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Keurig K-Cups (EXPIRED!)


I have often discussed with my friends, family and customers that I am a big fan of the Keurig coffee machines. As a long-time instant coffee drinker – switching to drip coffee when I moved to the states was kind of jarring.

I was used to the same flavor of coffee in my cup every time – and with drip coffee I seemed to throw so much away – either because it was cold, too strong, too weak or “burnt”… The Keurig fixes all this by making JUST the right amount at JUST the right strength. I couldn’t be happier.

Well…. I COULD. Because the K-Cups are horribly expensive. NOT expensive versus drinking a cup of designer coffee from the local Starbucks every day – but expensive when you looked at how MUCH coffee you get from a $6-$9 can of ground coffee.

I have, however, found a solution that I can live with.

Here’s how:

1. Go to the Staples web site at THIS address:

2. Choose 7 boxes of 24 k-cups – choose 1 lot of 3 and 1 lot of 4 of 2 flavors. (Or 7 of the same kind if you know exactly what you want)

7 x $11.99 = $83.93 with free shipping.

3. In a separate browser window – go to this website:

4. Purchase one of the $25 off $75 coupons for $2.49. They will email you a code and a link where you get the actual coupon code to use on the Staples website. (You will need to create your account if you don’t have one, then use the coupon code to get your $25 off.)

6. This brings your price down to $58.93. With the $2.49 you spent on the coupon your total cost is $61.42 for 168 K-Cups – 36.6c per cup.

7. If you want 6 different flavors – the numbers change a little since each box comes out at $12.99 and you only need 6 boxes to get over $75. (6 x $12.99 comes to $77.94) Less the $25 coupon is $52.94. Adding the $2.49 cost of the coupon your total is $55.43 for 144 K-cups – 38.5c per cup.

Here’s a SMALL List of the 65 Different Coffees Available:

  • Gloria Jean’sĀ® Cappuccino Coffee, Regular, 24/Pack item # 325422
  • Gloria Jean’sĀ® Hazelnut Coffee, Regular, 24/Pack item # 325420
  • Gloria Jean’sĀ® French Vanilla Supreme Coffee, Regular, 24/Pack Item: #325421
  • Gloria Jean’sĀ® Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee, Regular, 24/Pack Item: 325418
  • Green MountainĀ® Southern Pecan, 24/Pack item # 719416
  • Tully’sĀ® French Roast Extra Bold Decaf Coffee, Decaffeinated , 24/Pack Item: 325408
  • Green MountainĀ® Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee, Regular, 24 Pack Item: 719424
  • Donut Houseā„¢ Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee, Regular, 24 Pack Item: 848985
  • Green MountainĀ® Hazelnut Coffee, Regular, 24 Pack Item: 719614
  • Green MountainĀ® Breakfast Blend Coffee, Regular, 24 Pack Item: 707196
  • Green MountainĀ® Flavored Coffee Variety Sampler, Regular, 22 Pack Item: 719469
  • Green MountainĀ® Gingerbread Coffee, Regular, 24/Pack Item: 737188

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