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This blog is intended to be mainly technical in nature, but every so aften I come across a website that I just HAVE to tell people about. Today that website is The San Francisco Herb Company. My wife and I love cooking, but I always hate paying the outrageous costs of supermarket herbs and spices.

The SF Herb Company solved that in one well-timed order. For $150 + shipping 3 years ago I ordered all the herbs and spices we have needed. The only drawback is that you have to use them as refills because everything comes bagged not in jars.

Their prices have gone up a little in the last 3 years – especially in a few difficult-to-source areas – but prices like $2.20 for 1lb of fenugreek (whole), $4.55 for 1lb of cumin seeds and $2.60 for 1lb of celery seed makes a much more sensible purchase than $5-6 per 2 or 3oz container at the supermarkets.

San Francisco Herb Co.


This is one of my favorite websites at the moment – diving into new technology and design at the bleeding edge where people have superb ideas, have managed to prototype but need angel investors. The website creates a structure where inventors can describe their ideas and plead for small (and we are talking $1 and up) investors to come along and support them.

Some of the ideas make you immediately say “OOOh I want that!” whereas others are simply “oh another one of those”; but it’s fascinating just reading through and watching the videos as these entrepreneurs demo their new baby.

Hey – and you can even join in. Whether its the revolights that put your cycle lights on the wheel, The Isostick that boots ANY PC from a USB thumb drive that pretends its a CD Drive, or even the Kammok – a use anywhere , tie to anything rip-stop hammock…

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I am hoping to keep this blog updated with interesting technology articles. Come back often and bug me with an email if theirs nothing new!

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